Attendance Policies

When your child is absent, please call 435-8311 to report the absence. An answering machine is available 24 hours a day. An absence is declared truant if not cleared within 48 hours. If your child sees a doctor, please ensure that a doctor’s statement is turned in to the attendance office.

Students Leaving School Early:
In order to avoid disrupting classes throughout the day, if a student must leave school early, please send a note with the student to the attendance office upon arrival to school.

Exempt and Non Exempt Absences:

  • Exempt absences are medical excuses, legal appts., field trips, college visits (up to 2/semester).
  • Non Exempt absences include: illness without medical excuse, truancy, and any other absence that has not been previously excused by an administrator.
  • Unexcused absences are truancies and any absence after 10.
  • The accumulation of 10 nonexempt absences will result in the loss of credits for the semester.


  • Is lost due to attendance on the 6th late or the 4th period of truancy.
  • Is posted on a weekly basis outside of the cafeteria and in the commons. It should not be a surprise when citizenship is lost. Be proactive and check these lists!

Dance Privileges: Student attendance affects dance privileges.

  • Students with less than 10 lates, less than 5 periods of truancy (four periods = 1 day) and who are passing all classes, will maintain dance privileges.
  • There are zero opportunities to regain dance privileges.