Science Department

Emilee Brown -- Email
MPA AP Biology; MPA Bio/Chem; Biology I 9's

Kay Hoffherr -- Email

Chemistry; Advanced Environmental Science

Kayley Ice -- Email
Biology I 10-12; Chemistry H;  ChemistryI(H)-MPA

Eric Jordan -- Email
Earth and Space Science

Matt Krampe, Dept. Head -- Email
Chemistry; MPA Medical Interventions

Jeff May -- Email
MPA Principles of Bio Medical Science; Biology 10-12; Health

Amy Newman -- Email
Chemistry I(H); Chemistry; ICP; 

Becky Osborne -- Email
MPA Biology I(H) MPA; MPA Research

Jason Smith -- Email
Biology 10-12; Biology I 9's;  Human Body Systems MPA

Jason Ulery -- Email
Physics 1 CC; MPA Physics 1 CC; ICP

Ashley Yount -- Email
Biology I 9's; Biology I H