Overview and Course Offerings

The Central Band and Orchestra Director is Jeff Heiger. This is his 23rd year at Central. Abigail Pratt is assisting the orchestra this year. She also teaches at Thompkins Middle School and Delaware Elementary. This is her second year with EVSC and first at Central.

Course Offerings:
Concert Band Advanced 
The highest level of band performance is attained in the concert band. Membership in this organization is chosen on the basis of ability and instrumentation requirements. A great deal of the activity of this organization is "production work". During football season, most of the time is spent in preparing music and marching routines for presentation at football games. Following football season, basic fundamentals are stressed in connection with the study of more difficult literature with the emphasis placed upon refinement of musicianship. The concert band is responsible for numerous concert appearances in addition to other varied activities. Smaller ensembles and chamber groups may be formed from the band membership to promote individual development and to meet the needs of the school and/or the community. Prerequisite: Approval of instructor.

Instrumental Ensemble (10-12)
Membership in this organization is normally selected by the director. Its purpose is to provide an outlet for highly skilled players, to challenge them beyond the level of the larger concert band, and to provide an opportunity to study musical literature written specifically for this medium. Prerequisite: Approval of instructor.

Orchestra Advanced (9 - 12)
Concert Orchestra represents the highest level of musical achievement for string instrumentalists. The primary purpose of the class is to encourage interest in some of the finest music literature available and to develop the ability to perform it. The concert orchestra performs concerts and is involved in other production work such as musicals, ensemble and chamber groups. While basic fundamentals are stressed in connection with the study of more difficult literature, emphasis in on refinement of musicianship. Prerequisite: Approval of instructor.

Flag Corp (9-12)
This general elective class is designed to teach musical routines to those students who are in the band auxiliary corps. This first semester elective does not count as a fine arts credit. Prerequisite: admission by audition.