Chess piecesPieces

King - is the main piece of the game. If it gets captured you lose the game. It can only move one spot at a time. Has a crown on it's top.

Queen - is the piece on the board with the most power. It can move any number of spaces in any direction. No crown on it's top.

Bishop - is the piece that can move diagonal. This piece is vital to taking out other pieces.

Knight - is the piece shaped like a horse. It moves in the shape on an "L".

Rook - is the piece shaped like a castle. It can move either to the left, right, backwards or forwards as many spaces as it can. It is at the end of the chess board.

Pawn - you have a total of eight pieces. They can move one space at a time or if it's their first move they can go up two spaces. Front row of the chess board.

You may bring your own board and pieces if you wish but we supply the supplies you will need for the day.
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