Citizenship is required for participation in some school events. Citizenship is lost for the semester when:

• a student is suspended or expelled from school
• a student receives a 2nd assignment to AEA
• a student is late or tardy 6 or more times
• a student is truant 3 or more times
• a student receives a referral to the office for cheating
• a Principal or Principal Designee deems it a justifiable reason to revoke a student’s citizenship.

Policy for Dances
If a Central High School student wishes to attend a school dance at Central or at any other school, the following criteria must be met:

GRADES: Students must have passed 5 classes the previous grading period.
 - For Turnabout, that would be Grading Period 1
 - For Prom, that would be Grading Period 3
 **** NO APPEALS****

DISCIPLINE: Students must have less than 3 assignments to AEA this semester. Students must have 0 Out of School Suspensions this semester. 

The Student Code of Conduct will be in effect at all times. Those students who bring registered guests are responsible for properly informing their dates of this code. Students are expected to model good character at all times. Student behavior rules extend to dancing. Dancing in a manner that implies sexual promiscuity or lewd behavior will not be permitted. School dress code still applies for the Turnabout Dance.

Boys’ formal dress attire- may be classified as a tuxedo or dress suit, including a tie, bow tie, a turtle neck, a dress shirt, which may include a vest or cummerbund. Shirts are to be buttoned and worn at all times. Tennis shoes and athletic shoes are unacceptable.

Girls’ formal dress attire- any dress exposing the bare midriff or plunging neckline will not be allowed. Sheer and see-through dresses, or dresses with slits that are above the mid-thigh area are not allowed.

All EVSC/school rules apply. A uniformed officer and school administrator will be at the door at all times to monitor students as they enter the dance. Students not adhering to the code of conduct/dress code will be denied admittance or asked to leave dance.

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